Hallelujah Garden

Hallelujah Garden is located in Tamil Nadu and is the home of our farm and Primary School.  We grow several crops at Hallelujah Garden. Bananas, Coconuts, Rice, Mangos, and Jasmine. Many of these crops are for sale and offset the cost of operations. We hope we can become self-sustaining and help support the other outreaches of IGF in the future. The land provides sustainability but also room for expansion. All the crops harvested are sold in the local markets and provide food sources and revenues to boost the local economy by providing income for the workers. Each crop is seasonal so farming becomes a year-round source of income.

We have a building underway at Hallelujah Garden that will quadruple our capacity. Our current facility can house 150 students but with the new building, we can grow our enrollment to an additional 400 students. Because the school is set in a rural area much of the future growth of the school depends on a bus for the children’s transportation. We are currently in a campaign to buy a new school bus. This will help us grow enrollment and as we grow more busses will be needed

We have 50 children enrolled in our school. Parents who want to see their children receive a great education that includes English language studies are happy to send their children to us. Even though the children are from several religious backgrounds the parents all agree to allow the children to learn Bible Stories, sing Jesus Loves Me, and pray before each day of learning. Engish is stressed and the children catch on quickly.  The campus is on a farm and there are many learning opportunities right there on the premises. The school is not tuition-free but tuition is reduced substantially through the farm income. The agricultural operations also create a revenue stream to pay teachers and workers at the facility.

Join us – Pray

Please pray and ask the Lord what you can do. Currently, we are transitioning to a self-sustaining model of operation but still need funds to get us to that place. We might never be completely self-sustaining but what we can do ourselves will allow us to do more going forward.

• For a successful 2024 student enrollment
• For a faithful farm crew and director to increase the crop production
• For the funds to dig another well to increase our irrigation needs

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