Blessing Center

As a storefront church in a popular shopping complex in downtown Trivandrum, the Blessing Center has unique opportunities to make a difference in the city. The church operates as a full-time ministry to the downtown population, offering prayer and worship services open to the general public. Each Sunday, the church has a lively worship service that attracts many passers-by. Many urban residents and business owners of all backgrounds come in for prayer and counseling.

The facility is located in a business district with many retail shops and lends itself to our vision of marketplace ministry. Being a downtown Church, we have an opportunity to influence the business district with midweek meetings catering to businesspeople’s needs. When the church is not conducting worship services, our vision is to provide seminars and workshops for workers to provide a bridge of practical support to meet their needs. Today, the workplace has almost as many women as men, and we see this location as a hub of hope for women who feel the stresses of balancing work and home. Being in the downtown shopping areas can bring hope to many who would never enter a regular church environment.

Christian music and worship are significant parts of the Blessing Center, and for people who enjoy singing with others, there are many ways to be involved. We also have an active church schedule for young adults and families with opportunities to minister and be ministered to. We have excellent services with notable speakers, and we always enjoy fellowship after the services. We break bread together weekly.


Join us – Pray

Please pray and ask the Lord what you can do. Currently, we are transitioning to a self-sustaining model of operation but still need funds to get us to that place. We might never be completely self-sustaining but what we can do ourselves will allow us to do more going forward.

• For increased funds to upgrade our sound system and large screens
• For continued favor with our landlord
• For the opportunity to establish a regular marketplace ministry downtown

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