Harvest Center

The Harvest Center complex is a large gated compound located on the outskirts of the city of Trivandrum. The Church has a rich history of being at the heart of all IGF operations over the years. Since 1985 Bro. Roy has operated Harvest Center Church along with an orphanage, an English Medium School, and a Bible School. Today due to many challenges and changes in the laws, the ministry has had to rethink how we operate. The Harvest Center will be as always the home of the Harvest Center Church but will also add several charitable works on the premises.  Additionally, the facility will become an Event Center open to holding business meetings, weddings, pastoral meetings, or other continuing educational opportunities. This will allow us to charge for these services and others as we develop new ways to become self-sustaining.

Urban Agricultural Projects –  The Harvest Center is a large compound with room to operate several cash crops.  We just planted a tapioca grove and also have a banana grove, mango trees, and coconut palms. We also have chickens, rabbits, and tilapia fish on the property. We are currently in the middle of remodeling the buildings and beautifying the grounds and need plants of all kinds for landscaping.  Since we have room we are praying about developing a plant nursery to supply our needs and also to sell.

Other plans at Harvest Center  We have just launched a new ministry to care for elderly people who have no one to help them.  Traditionally in India, children have been the natural caretakers of the elderly but because India is becoming more cosmopolitan with women working and family members moving away for job opportunities, family members are not always available to help care for older family member’s needs.  IGF is currently remodeling the ground floor of the former school building to provide an assisted living place for the elderly.

We believe God is leading us to revamp the ministry and buildings to serve Him more effectively in the days ahead. The building has several floors we have the opportunity to host religious or business seminars, as well as accommodate short-term students or IT workers coming from out of town for these events. This would be in the form of an Airbnb. These accommodations could also host people coming for events at the Harvest Church building.


Join us – Pray

Please pray and ask the Lord what you can do. Currently, we are transitioning to a self-sustaining model of operation but still need funds to get us to that place. We might never be completely self-sustaining but what we can do ourselves will allow us to do more going forward.

• For the continued remodeling and repairs of our Buildings
• For the faithful maintenance staff for the compound
• For creative ideas to increase revenue streams at Harvest Center

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