Charitable Works

Charity is at the core of what we do. Food, water, and clothing distribution is one of the ways we can impact India. Many of the areas that are hit by national disasters like floods create opportunities to show the love of Jesus. Whenever there are natural disasters we mobilize our communities to be that helping hand providing practical assistance to the needy.

Recently we recognized that some elderly either through natural disasters or other circumstances do not have families to underpin or support them in their later years. The culture is patriarchal and families usually provide shelter and help to their parents and grandparents. With a growing population, we find that many fall through the cracks and need assistance during their later years.

In addition to helping the elderly and providing the necessities of life during a disaster, we provide school tuition for poor children and other financial help. This help is provided regardless of caste position or religious affiliation.

Join us – Pray

Please pray and ask the Lord what you can do. Currently, we are transitioning to a self-sustaining model of operation but still need funds to get us to that place. We might never be completely self-sustaining but what we can do ourselves will allow us to do more going forward.

• For increased revenue to do food and clothing distributions
• For the funds to build out and finish more elderly housing units
• For favor to do the outreaches without interference or resistance

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