Below are a number of opportunities for you to become involved in the ministry. Some of the amounts are large capital projects while others are more personal and involve day to day needs. In what ever way you are led to give please only feel compelled to do as the Spirit leads. 

IGF alone with Roy & Kezia would like to thank everyone who has helped us to accomplish so much in this important work. If you have not yet become involved with us, we would like to encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a regular participant in the ministry of India Gospel Foundation.  
We appreciate your continual support and prayers for the many needs we encounter every day. Please contact us with any question and we will be happy to reply either through e-mail or by standard mail.
If you are interested in visiting us in India, please allow us to help you arrange a trip. We are very familiar with the process of travailing internationally and we can help you navigate through the necessary paper work. Lives are transformed and changed because people just like you have become involved and have made a difference. 
$20,000 - Building for School 
$4,000 - Church building in Orissa
$5,000 - Crusade in a village area.
$20,000- For a Vehicle for Transportation for the Children
$30 / month sponsors a Child for His/her Education and Boarding
$10 for a child for Education
$50 / month sponsors a Bible Student 
$60 / month to sponsor a pastor family