India Gospel Fundraiser

These teens worked on their own to help raise money for school supplies for the children of the India Gospel Foundation. Find out how your church  or community group could do a similar activity.





India Gospel Foundation - Garage Sale Fundraising Idea


The information contained in this PDF was compiled by Betty Higgins for the Asbury Small Group of HS girls who raised over $700.00 for school supplies to bless the children of the India Gospel Foundation.

Purpose: To raise funds and awareness about IGF within your community or Church. 

Planning is Key (1 month)

Getting Started:

  1. Pray about where and when to hold the garage sale.
  2. Begin to ask around who would be willing to hold the sale at their house. Keep location in mind!
  3. Pick a date – We did it on one Saturday morning in April from 8-noon.
  4. Have your group start collecting items from their homes to donate.
A few weeks before:


  1. Put an ad in the local paper for just the day of the sale.
  2. At church, send out emails or put it in the bulletin or newsletter.

The day before the sale:
  1. Get tables from church.
  2. Make street signs. You can even put the signs out the night before to save time in the morning.
  3. Get change = $10 in coins, assorted bills.
  4. Make sure you have a TV and IGF handouts and DVDs.
  5. Don’t price items.
  6. Make a big sign/banner that says “All proceeds to benefit India Gospel Foundation or India Gospel Orphanage.” It can also say “Name your price”. Let the youth decorate it for fun!
The day of the sale:

An hour before the sale:

  1. Start putting tables and items on the driveway.
  2. On a table put a TV showing the IGF DVD alongside IGF handouts and DVDs.
  3. Hang the sign/banner to be seen from the street.
  4. It is fun to write with sidewalk chalk as advertising.

The sale itself:

  1. When people ask what the price is, just tell them it is a donation to IGF and anything they give will be appreciated. This lends itself to some pretty amazing moments and conversations.
  2. Enjoy the simplicity. Talk, laugh, and give people free stuff.   

After the sale:

  1. Give what is left to someone in need.
Things that happen to us and things that you don’t expect:
  1. The simplicity of not pricing the items makes it so much fun!
  2. Since the items don’t have prices, people will ask how much something is. When you tell them it is a donation to IGF and anything they give will be appreciated, they will typically give more than you would have asked anyway!
  3. Many people will want to know more about IGF and you can give them literature to take home.
  4. Some people will come in and take quite a few items and only give a little. It is tempting to be concerned or resentful of this. However, we think this is wonderful. These people may really be struggling to make ends meet, and this is an opportunity bless them with something they can enjoy for a long time. Even though they didn’t give much, they still can feel good that the money they gave is going to a good cause. God is actively working in both situations!
  5. If you have any kids involved, they love making the signs and drawing with the chalk on the driveway and just hanging around each other at the sale. Because there is very little really hard work and no pricing, they can relax and just enjoy the time with friends. A lot of the time the kids just talk to the people at the sale and play with the kids with families. What a sweet opportunity to do something for God that is good clean fun and encourages relationships and helping people!