In parts of India some women are still considered less than men within the family. Too often women and wives are found to have been abused and need refuge. IGF is involved in providing counselling for these women to cope and giving them the tools for life in a safe environment while protecting their dignity.

Our women’s ministry takes an active role in counselling women who are in abusive relationships. We also teach and encourage our church's leaders to be aware of these situations by providing an understanding of the hurt and loss of respect these women experience. The important roll women play in the life of the church and home will never be fully realized while abuse is tolerated in or society or Churches. IGF sponsors many women’s conferences throughout the year to spread this understanding to our communities. The backward traditions of abuse may die hard, but the work in women’s ministry can and will continue as a major emphasis of our ministry.  Our mission is to restore the family to God’s perfect institution.  A place where children grow up loved cared for and the marriage is completely fulfilled.