Due to the sheer size of the population of India you can gather a large group of people with a little effort and some advertising.  Many of these crowds can be gathered in remote areas where the Gospel has never been heard. People come from miles around and travel by any means to hear the life changing message of the Gospel.  A well-planned crusade brings thousands to the Lord. Workers, electric lights and advertising will make a difference to how large our crusades become. No matter how large or small, we work to meet the needs of the people through our teaching, preaching and praying.  Some 5,000 or more come for these large meetings and hundreds gets saved by hearing a simple Gospel message. Once the crusade is finished the hard work begins and everyone is busy with follow up and making sure the new converts are introduced to a Church near them to be discipled. 
You may have heard of the State of Orissa in the news over the last few years. There has been international news coverage of Christian persecution that has captured headlines in the west as far a way as in the NY Times and the Washington Post. Christianity is despised by anti-Christian groups there who are killing and burning out homes and churches. 
We have a mission based in the state of Orissa established with the help of one of our Bible School graduates. These areas are very difficult to reach due to cross cultural communication barriers and persecutions. His goals are to reach out to the poor by providing both physical and spiritual sustenance.  This new pastor has established a home Church where new believers are added weekly. Meanwhile 3 other home groups have sprung up in the Orissa area despite the persecutions. We are so impressed with the growth of these faithful believers that IGF is planning to help them develop a permanent Church facility as funds are available. This is one of our most exciting ventures with one of our former students. We are so proud of their efforts and want to do all we can to support them.

After our crusades we immediately plant village churches that provide training for new believers. Our approach to church planting is very straightforward. Once the campaign is complete we rent a home for the Pastor and his family. This home becomes a Church for training and disciplining strong believers. Once the church is established we prayerfully consider purchasing a property for a church building. This worship Centre then influences the community and provides a base for continuing the work within the area. Church planting is very important in a community. Those who become Christians through tracts, magazines, TV, radio, or other methods will now have a place of worship. There are thousands who get saved but have no place to worship. They now have a common community place which they can grow in faith with other believers. These newly established churches provide a valuable connection to the Body of Christ and a place where people will become strong in their faith and love for Jesus. 



Our open air outreaches are held in the cities, villages, public parks, beaches, or any other public area on holidays.  We serve free coffee, snacks and also entertain them with literature, music, and films that show faith based movies which greatly impact these people’s lives. The youth from the church also performs choreography and plays.  We tell them about the love of Christ and hundreds of people accept the invitation to become believers.   



Feeding programs are essential in the Tribal villages to attract them at the point of their need. During Holidays and Christmas time we plan distribution programs giving them basic foods, rice and clothes.  Many times we serve hot meals provided the attendees with essential life skill teachings and basic medical hygiene.