Over the last 10 years Roy and Kezia have established a new work they call “Hallelujah Garden”. The garden is a 30 acre farm located in Tirunelveli, TamilNadu, and is located among many rural villages, where life can seem a world away from anything that resembles a city. 

Though some are blessed with more resources than others, many of these villages are full of people who have trouble meeting their basic needs. Food, Clothing and adequate housing are all needs these people deal with daily. This struggle to survive crowds out the needs that many of us take for granted, like providing an education for our children.
Our neighbours at Hallelujah Garden are rural people who work in the fields and tend their livestock. There is little for these people to do to have any kind of steady income. Many are employed by rolling cigars, and are taken advantage of by the tobacco merchants who pay them just above a slaves labour.  Even the little children work in this industry rather than attend classes. We provide vocational training and education for these little children while introducing them to the teaching of Jesus.   
The Elderly outcasts and untouchables can be left without anyone to care for their needs. So many of these are considered to be burdens to their families and are deprived of food and clothes. Consequently, we identify these people and not only provide relief for their urgent needs, but also the long term need for care and love.