IGM established the Harvest English Medium School, in Hallelujah Garden with the intention of bringing education to the UNTOUCHABLES. The Dalits are people denied of basic human rights to education, employment resulting in continuous generational poverty. The Dalits are subjected to continual public beatings, ridicule and humiliation. The young women are often raped and left for dead without any criminal investigations.  Indian Gospel Foundation (IGF) knows that education will make it possible to lift these people out of a lower class and give them opportunity to be considered equal in both status and opportunities. They can then obtain a better life for themselves and future generations, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

The school is located in their Halleluiah Garden property located in the state of Tamilnadu, just outside a village called Edaikal. The school, only three years old has gained such a reputation that children of all classes are seeking to be enrolled. Because of this we are ready to expand the school and make it available to more students.
As important as making converts is, IGF understands that these converts need to be discipled and trained. With over one billion in population, the task of evangelism in India seems daunting. However, by training and support to these young and energetic students it is possible to reach even the most remote areas.  
IGF trains young men from different parts of the country and many of these are from small or tribal; villages. Because many of these village Bible students are from these remote areas with little income, we provide free room and board during their educational years. Once they complete their education we send them back to their home villages to do the work of pasturing a new church.  Once they are installed as pastors we continue to support them with financial help to sustain them as they build their congregations.
However, because of the recent global economic downturn, we had to pause our Bible Training operations.  Village to village outreach by trained pastors is key to expanding the Gospel of Jesus. We hope to restart this important ministry soon.

Many Indian pastors and ministers have never been to Bible School or had any formal training. The level of biblical education will determine the strength and depth of the believers. Additionally we conduct pastors' seminars and conferences providing continued education and teaching on family counselling, and spiritual growth to develop their church. We provide boarding, lodging, and transportation so that everyone can have an opportunity to receive the teaching.