school classroomInstead of a safe and healthy home, millions of children throughout the world must survive in less than adequate living situations. Children are forced to live in fear, insecurity, and emotional torment.

 In cooperation with our partners, IGF provides food, clothing and a safe environment for these precious ones.

Authorities estimate that as many as one million children are living on the streets of India.These children face the dangers of inadequate shelter, poor diet, crime, violence and sexual exploitation. Some even are put to death when their parents feel they cannot properly care for them. Children are gifts from God and not one should go without a chance to live or know the hope that we have in Christ. We have a call to provide as much help as we can to these little ones as each child has a hope and a future in Christ and in God’s family. Our Lord Jesus himself showed how much he loved the little children by blessing them. He also honored them by asking them to come unto him. The praise of a child is admirable, and their prayers work to defeat the enemy mightily.

IGM is dedicated to meeting the special needs of little children. The children we help are from three categories: those without parents, those whose parents are too poor to support them, and those from the leper colony. Many of the children we serve are also from the tribal and mountainous areas, where they live without warm clothes. Here children play alongside wandering cows and pigs and are exposed to infection and illness. Many children are abused both physically and sexually or are victims of child labor. Theier "caretakers" use them as slaves by having them work long hours for little pay, taking their income for themselves. 

Our teams reach out to villages teaching the people education, hygiene, and telling them of the love of Christ. Once these needy people realize that we will help them they bring the children to us so we can provide them with a good education, food and clothing. Some of these children come to live in our orphanages under our full support.